Hi-CE Handheld Software: Cells

CellsLocker™ allows students to enter detailed information about assignments and upcoming events. They can also write notes for themselves or others. Assignments, events and notes may be beamed so that all students can have the exact assignment and expectations every day, for every class. Once a grade for a particular assignment has been received, it can be entered into Locker as well.

System Requirements:

  • Palm OS 3.1 - 5 (Palm OS 4.1 - 4 recommended).
  • Windows 98 or higher, running Palm Desktop 4.0.1 or higher (Palm Desktop 4.1 recommended).
  • Macintosh OS 9.x or OSX, running Palm Desktop 4.1.
  • 80 KB memory on handheld.

Classroom Applications:

record laboratory data, generate spreadsheets

For More Information and Downloads:

Cells is now availableThis link opens in a new window as part of GoKnow's Handheld Learning Environment. More information on this suite of handheld computing tools, as well as other handheld computing resources, product tutorials, and product support, are available at GoKnow, Inc.This link opens in a new window

Hi-CE is creating handheld resources for other operating systems, including Windows CE (Pocket PC). For information on these tools, or information on the creation or application of our Palm OS computing tools, visit our Handheld Computing WebsiteThis link opens in a new window.