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Artemis is an "interface" that lets you access and search in the Middle Years Digital Library (MYDL). Currently, the Digital Library contains magazine articles, scientific journals, and a large collection of web pages. In the future, it will expand to include all types of information including library collections, images, video, audio, live data, and more!

But Artemis is much more than that. It will let you:

  • Keep track of your questions.
  • Organize your information.
  • Save URLs in folders.
  • View past search results.

Best of all, Artemis includes the MYDL Web Collections, a set of resources located and cataloged by the MYDL Web librarians. Besides searching the MYDL Web Collections, we also have collections of magazines and science encyclopedias. Artemis looks in other places on the Web for brand new resources too! Also, since you enter your own password, it will keep track of all your work (stored on our server) so it's there when you come back next time!


Artemis Home Page | Tutorial | Use Artemis Now!



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