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I. What is Model-It?
II. Installing Model-It
     A. From a CD
           1. PC
           2. Macintosh
     B. From the web
III. Model-It Tutorial
     A. Acid Rain: Content Information
     B. Introduction to Model-It
          1. Running and Getting Started
          2. Getting familiar with Model-It
     C. Objects
          1. Deciding on Objects
          2. Creating Objects
              a. Using an image in a file
              b. Using an image from Object Palette
     D. Factors
          1. Deciding on Factors
          2. Creating  factors
               a. Adding a Factor in the "Plan" stage
               b. Adding a Factor in the "Build" stage
     E. Relationships
          1. Determining and constructing relationships
     F. Testing the Model
          1. Using the Meters
          2. Running the simulation
     G. Saving and Opening Models
          1. Different ways to save your model
          2. Opening a saved model


Installing Model-It

There are several ways that you can download Model-It if the computer you are using does not have it installed yet.

If you already have a Model-It CD-Rom, follow these instructions:
     Installing onto a PC
     Installing onto a Macintosh

Otherwise, download it from the World Wide Web here.


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Model-It Home Page | Tutorial | Download Model-It Now!



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