At Hice we are often out on the road presenting information about research findings, curriculum or software materials, or other efforts. 

American Educational Research Association 2008 in NewYork, NY, March 24-28, 2008.

American Educational Research Association (AERA) 2007 in Chicago, IL, April 9-13, 2007.

The Impact of Animation-Mediated Practice on Middle School Students’ Understanding of Chemistry Concepts (PDF - 371K)

Hsin-Yi Chang, Chris Quintana, & Joseph Krajcik

A Design for Using Long-Term Face-to-Face Workshops to Support Systemic Reform (PDF - 888K)

Beth Kubitskey & Barry J. Fishman

Investigating the Impact of the Presentation of Scaffolds on PreserviceTeacher Noticing and Learning from Video (PDF - 604K)

Stein Brunvand & Barry Fishman

Relationship between teacher instructional practices and curricular scaffolds in supporting students in writing scientific explanations (PDF - 692K)

McNeill, K.L. & Krajcik, J.

Developing a Learning Progression for the Nature of Matter as it Relates to Nanoscience           (PDF - 1.4M)

Shawn Y. Stevens, Namsoo Shin, César Delgado, James Pellegrino & Joseph Krajcik


National Association for Research in Science Teaching (NARST) 2007 in New Orleans, LA, April 15-18, 2007. 

Exploring the role of inquiry and reflection in shared sense-making in an inquiry-based science classroom:  Toward a theory of distributed shared sense-making (PDF - 652)
Barbara G. Ladewski Joseph S. Krajcik & Annemarie Sullivan Palincsar

Fostering second graders' scientific explanations using educative
curriculum materials: A beginning elementary teacher's perspective and
(PDF - 551K)
Carrie J. Beyer & Elizabeth A. Davis

Investigating teacher learning supports in high school biology
textbooks to inform the design of educative curriculum materials
(PDF - 490K)
Carrie J. Beyer, Cesar Delgado, Elizabeth A. Davis, & Joseph S. Krajcik

Beginning elementary teachers' learning through the use of science curriculum materials: A longitundinal study (PDF - 204K)

Cory T. Forbes & Elizabeth A. Davis

Promoting pedagogical design capacity through teachers' narratives (PDF - 853K)

Davis, E. A., Beyer, C., Forbes, C., & Stevens, S.

New Elementary Teachers’ Knowledge and Beliefs about Instructional Representations: A Longitudinal Study (PDF - 416)

Shawn Y. Stevens & Elizabeth A. Davis

The role of the teacher in supporting students in writing scientific explanations (PDF - I M)

McNeill, K. L.

Using learning progressions to inform curriculum, instruction and assessment design (PDF - 1.4M)

Shawn Y. Stevens, Namsoo Shin, César Delgado, James Pellegrino & Joseph Krajcik

The development of students' conceptions of size (PDF - 2M)

César Delgado, Shawn Y. Stevens, Namsoo Shin, Molly L. Yunker, & Joseph S. Krajcik,

Exploration of Student Understanding and Motivation in Nanoscience (PDF - 212K)

Kelly Hutchinson, Shawn Stevens, Namsoo Shin , Cesar Delgado, Molly Yunker, George Bodner, Nick Giordano, & Joe Krajcik

Fostering students' understanding of interdisciplinary science in a summer science camp

(PDF - 468)

Shawn Y. Stevens, Namsoo Shin, César Delgado, Clara Cahill, Molly Yunker, & Joseph Krajcik

A Design-Based Approach to the Professional Development of Teachers in Nanoscale Science (PDF - 140K)

Lynn A. Bryan, Shanna Daly, Kelly Hutchinson, David Sederberg, Fatima Benaissa, & Nicholas Giordano, Purdue University

The effect of classroom practice on students understanding of models (PDF - 904K)

Yael Shwartz, Aaron Rogat, Joi Merritt & Joseph Krajcik

Promoting Student Scientific Literacy of Molecular Genetics and Genomics (PDF - 312K)
Jennifer Eklund, Aaron Rogat, Nonye Alozie, & Joseph Krajcik

Middle School Students’ Development of the Particle Model of Matter (PDF - 3.9M)

Joi Merritt, Yael Shwartz & Joseph Krajcik

Using scientific models to learn about shadows 

Weizman, A. & Fortus, D.

The Driving Question Board: A tool to support inquiry-based learning in diverse classes 

Weizman, A. & Fortus, D.

Supporting middle school students’ development of an accurate and applicable energy concept Nordine, J., Fortus, D., & Krajcik, J

Hice at ICLS 2006

The International Conference of the Learning Sciences in Bloomington, IN, June 27-July 1, 2006.

Hice had a number of presentations at the conference.

  • Visualization, Interpretation and Reasoning of Chemical Phenomena 

Hsin-Yi Chang, Chris Quintana.

  • Learning at the Nanoscale: Research Questions that the Rapidly Evolving  Interdisciplinarity of Science Poses for the Learning Sciences 

Sherry Hsi, Nora Sabelli, Joseph Krajcik, Robert Tinker, Kirsten Ellenbogen

  • Fostering Innovation Implementation: Findings about Supporting Scale  from GLOBE 

Barry Fishman, William Penuel, Ryoko Yamaguchi

  • A Role for Professional Development in Sustainability: Linking the Written Curriculum to Enactment 

Beth Kubitskey, Barry Fishman

  • Exploring the Relationship between Teachers’ Curriculum Enactment Experience and Their Understanding of Underlying Curriculum Design  Rationales 

Hsien-Ta Lin, Barry Fishman

  • Characterizing the Quality of Second-Graders’ Observations and  Explanations to Inform the Design of Educative Curriculum Materials

Carrie Beyer, Elizabeth Davis


National Education Computing Conference
Philadelphia, PA - June 27 - 30, 2005

Supporting Teachers Using Palm Computers: Examining Classroom Practice Over Time
Richard Vath, William Bobrowski, Elliot Soloway, Phyllis Blumenfeld, Joseph Krajcik, Alycia Meriweather, Paula Sarratt, and Sylvia Wise

Tuesday, June 28, 2005 at 12:30pm in Room PACC 107A
Download the PDF version of the paper here.


Presentations/AERA 2004

Hice faculty and students presented their research at the American Educational Research Association Annual Conference in San Diego, California, April 12-16, 2004. Below are the presentations, along with any downloads of papers, presentation notes, etc.

IdeaKeeper: Extending Digital Library Services to Scaffold Online Inquiry
Chris Quintana
Download this paper (PDF - 457kb)

Creating a Framework for Research on Systemic Technology Innovations
Barry Fishman, Phyllis Blumenfeld, Joe Krajcik, Elliot Soloway, Ron Marx (University of Arizona)
Download this paper (PDF - 1.0 Mb)

Impact of Professional Development on a Teacher and Her Students: A Case Study
Beth Kubitskey, Barry Fishman, Ron Marx (University of Arizona)
Download this paper (PDF - 1.1 Mb)

Software design to support high school history students reading multiple primary sources
Meilan Zhang, Ronald Marx (University of Arizona)

Search Equals Learning? Case Studies of Middle School Students Using Web Sources to Learn Weather
Meilan Zhang, Ronald Marx, Chris Quintana

Supporting Students' Construction of Scientific Explanations Using Scaffolded Curriculum Materials and Assessments
Katherine L. McNeill, David J. Lizotte, Joseph Krajcik, & Ronald Marx (University of Arizona)
Download this paper (PDF - 448kb)

The Palm Project: The Impact of Handhelds on Science Learning in the Seventh Grade
William Bobrowsky, Richard Vath, Elliot Soloway, Joe Krajcik, Phyllis Blumenfeld
Download this paper (PDF - 128kb)

Symposium: Science teachers becoming adept with promoting inquiry using technology
Joe Krajcik, William Bobrowsky

Listening for the Call and Response: The second persona and youth's use of texts
Elizabeth Moje, Laura VanDerPlough, & Lindsay Ellis

Video Research in the Learning Sciences
Barry Fishman, Discussant

Evaluating the Impact of Small Screens on the Use of Scaffolded Handheld Learning Tools
Kathleen Luchini, Chris Quintana, Elliot Soloway
Download this paper (PDF - 468 kb)