Handheld Software

Hi-CE is at the cutting edge of educational software design, and is engaged in developing and researching new software tools--both tools for desktop and handheld computers--for the education community . We are continually exploring new technologies than can support students to actively engage in different kinds of learning activities, and exploring ways of effectively bringing those technologies into the learning process and the classroom.

Hi-CE has led the field in the development of educational tools for the handheld computer. We have recognized the power of these tools as a cost-effective means to provide personal access to computing technologies for students, and to finally realize the potential of technology in the classroom. More information on our handheld computing design can be found at the Hi-CE Handheld Computing SiteThis link opens in a new window.

Most of the Hi-CE handheld software tools are now licensed by GoKnow, Inc. Visit their websiteThis link opens in a new window for more information on current versions of these tools, as well as purchasing information.


Handheld Software Tools

Go 'n Tell (archived software)
Bubble Blasters (archived software)
PAAM (Artifact and Assessment Manager for Palm OS)