Funding Sources

hi-ce is thankful for support from the following sponsors for their support of educational reform through our program of curriculum and software design, research on student learning and teacher practice, and professional development programs.

National Science Foundation

  • Center for Curriculum Materials in Science
  • Culturally and Linguistically Responsive Curriculum
  • Examining Policy & Practice
  • NSDL IdeaKeeper
  • Investigating and Questioning Our World Through Science and Technology
  • Center for Learning Technologies in Urban Schools (LeTUS)
  • Middle Years Digital Library (MYDL)
  • Scienceware
  • Teacher Knowledge of Technology
  • Urban Systemic Change

U. S. Department of Education

  • Primary Source Network

W. K. Kellogg Foundation

  • Knowledge Networks On the Web (KNOW)

Hewlett Packard Corporation

  • Professional Development Support

Centers for Disease Control

  • Community Health Investigator

Joyce Foundation

  • Administrators' Reform Community

Spencer Foundation

  • Technology to Enable Inquiry